Woodfired Pizza Ovens For Sale In 2020

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Though you may think of a wood-fired oven as a tool of the past, they are still used today to make home-baked pizzas and bread outdoors. Here at Goldline, we manufacture a unique, 3 in 1 pizza oven that can be used for many purposes. 

Our woodfired pizza ovens for sale can roast meat, bake gourmet pizzas, and more. The debut charcoal smoker BBQ grill pizza oven uses high-quality stainless steel so it won’t rust or corrode. 

What is a Pizza Oven? 

A pizza oven is different from a wood-fired stove, which has a hot surface for pots and pans. Goldline’s woodfired pizza ovens are designed to be used outdoors as a handy addition to your BBQs. If you’ve ever used a woodfired range, you know it gives your food a unique, delicious taste. 

Our black pizza ovens are heated by burning wood or charcoal in a chamber. Pizza ovens can be built from adobe, cob, or cast iron. At Goldline, we make our pizza ovens from black cast iron and stainless steel for superior durability. Goldline’s woodfired ranges have an oven chamber with a floor, a dome, and an oven door for opening. 

Difference from an Electric or Gas Stove 

Electric or gas stoves provide consistent cooking temperatures. Woodfire ovens, however, heat up very differently. Pizza ovens are heated once during combustion or the fire, then gradually cool over time. 

The retained heat can cook multiple batches of bread or pizzas. You can also use the gradually lowering temperature for cooking different foods. Goldine’s charcoal smoker pizza oven also comes with an internal thermometer for accurate cooking. 

Type of Wood to Use 

When using a wood-fired pizza oven, only use dry, seasoned wood. The wood should be clean and free of glue, paint, or other chemicals. Softwood like Pine works better to start the fire since it burns faster. You can also use kindling wood, which should be no thicker than your pinky finger. 

Hardwood is best to sustain the fire. We recommend using wood purchased from a supermarket or grocery store, rather than wood found around the house. Green wood, wet wood, or wood that has been treated can cause excessive smoke. The wood should have been drying for 6 to 12 months to produce the highest heat and least amount of smoke. 

Here at Goldline, we always aim to give you the most variety and options possible. That’s why in addition to wood, our pizza ovens are also compatible with charcoal. This is great for those lazy days when you want to fire up the grill without building a fire. 

Buy Your Own Woodfired Pizza Ovens For Sale

For a unique, one of a kind cooking experience, try the charcoal smoker BBQ grill pizza oven by Goldline. With this pizza oven, you’ll be able to make gourmet, woodfired meals in the comfort of your own home. 

Get in touch with one of our representatives to answer any questions you may have about our pizza ovens. 


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